Ethiopian FA vice-president sorry

Ethiopian FA vice-president Berhanu Kebede has apologised over ineligible player Minyahel Teshome Beyene

Ethiopian Football Federation vice-president Berhanu Kebede has reportedly apologised following Fifa's confirmation that they are investigating claims that the East African country fielded an ineligible player in the 2014 World Cup qualifiers.

The player in question is Minyahel Teshome Beyene, who played against Botswana on June 8 despite being suspended for the match. Kebede, who is also listed as chairman of the Premier League on the Ethiopian FA website, admits he made a grave mistake.

"I recall receiving the communiqué having a clear message about Minyahel Teshome. But I don't know how things went wrong. I'm so sad. I created one of the gravest mistakes of my life. Will take that to the grave with me,” Kebede is quoted as saying.
The standard punishment for fielding an ineligible player is that a guilty team surrenders any points they gained from the match the suspended player featured and their opponents are awarded a 3-0 victory – in this case to Botswana.
If Ethiopia are docked three points as expected, those would be awarded to Botswana. Ethiopia would then have 10 points, Bafana 8, Botswana 7 and Central African Republic 3 with the last round of matches to be played in September.
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